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the entrepreneurial journey

Fly High Business Builders brings decades of expertise all under one organization. In addition, it is a results oriented organization ensuring that ROI “return on investment” is a focal point for any investment an entrepreneur makes. Our specialty is the entrepreneurial journey and optimizing scale capacity for a small business. We believe that communication and transparency are the secrets to creating authentic relationships and through that approach, they provide their clientele with a unique and personalized experience ensuring that each and every need is met.

For over twenty years, founder of Fly High Business Builders, Brandon Seigel has been supporting entrepreneurs throughout the United States with the goal of optimizing the bottom line for small businesses and helping streamline operations with an emphasis on transparency, innovation, and integrity. The vision for Fly High Business Builders is to redefine the way small businesses create success and build a one stop solution to reducing the learning curve and transforming the success trajectory.

Our Team

Brandon Seigel

Founder & CEO

Brandon Seigel is a best selling author, motivational speaker, and internationally recognized private practice consultant.  Brandon is the proud owner of Wellness Works Management Partners and Medical Billing, along with Fly High Business Builders and brings over fifteen years of executive leadership experience. Throughout his storied career, Seigel has empowered entrepreneurs throughout the United States to streamline operations, build winning teams, implement effective business models, and ultimately transform new ventures for optimum success.

Scott Booher

Chief HR Consultant

Scott Booher, MBA is the Chief HR Consultant for Wellness Works Management Partners for over 10 years. Scott brings over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare Sector and has been specializing in human resources & workforce compliance. Scott is passionate about unlocking the pain points in any private practice’s workforce and creating strategies and relationships that change the way outcomes are reached within the organization. Scott elevates the way that a private practice reaches milestones by connecting and solving problems that relate to human capital, policies and procedures, labor compliance, and employee culture.

Shelby Hazelton

Lead Creative Designer

Shelby Hazelton has over 6 years of professional design experience. She is a designer of many hats as she adapts to her clients needs with a focus on storytelling. She strives to help her clients achieve all of their design goals and challenges by creating personalized design solutions. She offers full Brand Identity Packages, Website Design, Product Design and both Print and Digital Marketing. She has worked within the healthcare and private practice industry alongside Brandon for the past 3 years, taking brands to the next level with her graphic design skills.

Archie Seigel

Chief Smiles Officer

Archie is in charge of making sure everyone is welcomed with warm licks and big grins. Archie has excelled in his role for the last 20+ dog years. Whether he’s charming newcomers or comforting regulars, Archie’s dedication to his job is unmatched.

Goldie Seigel

Junior Joy Specialist

Goldie, Archie’s younger sister, is our Junior Joy Specialist. With boundless energy and endless enthusiasm, Goldie ensures every day is filled with smiles and tail wags. Whether greeting visitors with her wagging tail or cuddling up during meetings, Goldie is here to spread happiness and warmth wherever she goes.

Daisy Hazelton

Director of Wiggles

Daisy’s primary responsibility is to support clients with wiggles both in person and remotely. She happily attends all virtual meetings and helps to recruit potential clients. Throughout her career she has become an excellent resource to lean on or snuggle with.

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