Stepanek Remodeling

Stepanek Remodeling came to us with the job of remodeling their website (no pun intended). We were able to not only redo their entire website but give their brand a facelift! We changed the look of their company while remaining true to their Ukrainian Culture. We absolutely loved working with them as Brian and Tim are wonderful people that allowed our team of designers have full creative control.

The Fly High Brand

Here you will find what we have created for our own brand! We have designed two different types of business cards, “The Coin” and “The Card”. The coin represents “The Token To Success”, making a more organic business card that is something our clients can cherish! We also have worked with Moss creating unique moss pieces of our company logos. Reach out to us through our contact form if any of our work interests you!

IntegrativeQore Technologies

This brand was created from scratch for a couple Entrepreneur’s. IQ is a business system and solution for Functional Medicine Private Practices and Holistic Care Practices that delivers an “all in one” integrated tool with the end goal that Functional Medicine Practices are delivering a streamlined operational structure and service while growing as a thriving practice.