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The Entrepreneur’s Plumber

Brandon Seigel brings over twenty years of executive leadership experience. Seigel is a bestselling author, internationally recognized speaker, and a consultant to some of the biggest and brightest upcoming organizations in the world. Throughout his storied career, Seigel has empowered entrepreneurs throughout the United States to streamline operations, build winning teams, implement effective business models, and ultimately transform new ventures for optimum success.

Seigel was born into a family of entrepreneurs with a proven track record resulting in several successful start-up ventures inclusive of the original franchise development of California Closets. In 2005, Seigel expanded his expertise by assisting a global manufacturer in diversifying its offerings into a new market which resulted in exponential growth.

In 2008, Seigel fell in love with supporting entrepreneurs in the healthcare, wellness and education space and has transformed purpose-driven businesses all over the United States. Seigel credits his success with integrating effective communication to streamline systems, solve workforce challenges ,and ultimately innovate successful best practices inclusive of optimizing clinical outcomes. Seigel’s ability to relate, create buy-in, and implement solutions is why so many of his clients feel he is a necessity to their business success.

In recent years, Seigel has built a team of consultants and managers to support small business entrepreneurs in improving their bottom line, streamlining their operations and systems, and ultimately scaling their practices with effective business models and efficient solutions. Throughout his career, Seigel’s client base has coined him “The Entrepreneur’s Plumber” as he has a proven track record for cleaning up business’s inefficiencies and streamlining their operations flow!

Brandon Seigel Owner and Founder of Fly High Business Builders

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Brandon Seigel Owner and Founder of Fly High Business Builders

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