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Meet the incredible team that helps us soar.

Brandon Seigel

Founder & CEO

Brandon Seigel brings over fifteen years of executive leadership experience. Throughout his storied career, Seigel has empowered entrepreneurs throughout the United States to streamline operations, build winning teams, implement effective business models, and ultimately transform new ventures for optimum success.

Archie Seigel

Chief Smiles Officer

Archie is in charge of making sure everyone is welcomed with warm licks and big grins. Archie has excelled in his role for the last 20+ dog years. He fetches the heart of every client or your money back guaranteed!

Shelby Hazelton

Lead Creative Designer

Shelby Hazelton has over 6 years of professional design experience. She is a designer of many hats as she adapts to her clients needs with a focus on storytelling. She strives to help her clients achieve all of their design goals and challenges by creating personalized design solutions.

Daisy Hazelton

Director of Wiggles

Miss Daisy’s primary responsibility is to support clients with wiggles both in person and remotely. She happily attends all virtual meetings and helps to recruit potential clients. Throughout her career at Fly High, she has become an excellent resource to lean on or snuggle with.

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Brandon Seigel Owner and Founder of Fly High Business Builders

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